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The Collins Hall Table – Anniversary Edition

Just before Christmas in 2002, Collin Huston asked his father, Bill, if he could build a table for his mother, Mia, as a gift. When you ask such a question of your furniture-making father, he beams with pride and immediately starts teaching you how to use the rip-saw.

Even if you’re only 11.

Collin Huston, Bill Huston's son, learns to cut and glue table parts in 2002

Collin Huston learns to cut and glue table parts as he creates a gift for his mother, Mia, in 2002 

Then he will spend countless hours with you in the workshop, with endless patience, guiding you as you build your first masterpiece.

Bill Huston helps Collin cut dovetails and assemble his

Bill Huston helps Collin cut dovetails and assmble his table 

Likely, your older brother will pop in from time-to-time to check on you, and “encourage” you.

Justin Huston and his girlfriend, Patricia, visit Collin Huston at Huston & Company

Justin Huston, Collin's older brother, and his girlfriend, Patricia, visit Collin as he finishes his table 

And, of course, when you present your fine work to your mother on Christmas Day, she’ll be so overjoyed, she’ll cry.  And she’ll be amazed. And she’ll have a new favorite table that will make her think of you every time she passes it by.

Collin presents his table to his mother, Mia, on Christmas Day 2002

Collin presents his table to his mother, Mia, on Christmas Day, 2002 

And so was born the Collins Hall Table, or affectionately known in the Huston household as the “Mommy Table.” The Collins Hall Table has been in and out of our catalog over the years, and has been on respite for the past 4 or 5.

The Collins Hall Table, Huston & Company handcrafted furniture Kennebunkport, Maine


The 2013 Anniversary Edition of the Collins Hall Table

As part of our 25 Year Anniversary Celebration, we’ll be re-releasing three of our favorite furniture designs this year. The Collins Hall Table is the first to come out of the archives.

Bill and Saer Huston are currently building 5 new Collins Hall Tables, anniversary editions, which will be signed by them both, dated and engraved with our “25 Years 1988 – 2013” insignia. These 5 tables will be complete at the end of this month, available for immediate purchase, while they last.

Bill Huston and Saer Huston build five new Collins Hall Tables, 25 Years

Bill Huston and Saer Huston building five new Collins Hall Tables for Huston & Company's 25th Anniversary 

If you’d like to own a Collins Hall Table of your own, hand-built and signed by both Bill and Saer, give us a call, or send us an email. We’d be glad to reserve one for you. Or, visit our showroom in Kennebunkport and take one home with you.

And a final note:

Collin Huston 2012

Collin Huston 2012 

Collin Huston, Bill’s youngest of three sons, is now 21 years old and a senior at the University of New Hampshire. He is studying mechanical engineering. His “Mommy Table” still resides in the Huston home and is much loved, and causes his mother to think of him every time she passes it by.