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If you’ve been considering an order of Huston & Company furniture for your home, now’s the time. Place your order by May 30th and for every $1,000 you spend, we’ll send a $100 gift certificate to the library of your choice.

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At Huston & Company, we love libraries. We believe libraries are essential to the wellness of our communities. We believe time spent in libraries is fortifying and restorative. By building fine custom furniture for libraries throughout the country, we hope to enhance the environments where people learn, contemplate, teach and explore.

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A Swift Kick

As we turn to the new year, we are grateful for a full worklist and a busy shop. We are grateful to our customers (most of all), our friends, the vendors that supply us with our wonderful materials, and the many businesses that work with us to keep us smart, strong and successful.

And we know there are many out there that are trying to get a leg-up. We know many of them are very talented, creative and savy. We know many of them just need a boost and they'll be successful.

So, for the first post of the new year, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of those creatives that are preparing to begin the great adventure of making wood products. I went to Kickstarter to find them. Here are few that caught my eye...

Carve Industries Surfboards for the Masses

Surfboards for the Masses by Carve Industries
See their Kickstarter Page


Contour Coffee Table by Robby Cuthbert

Contour Coffee Table by Robby Cuthbert
See his Kickstarter Page


Hardwood and Steel Lamp by John Ford

Modern Hardwood & Steel Table Lamp by John Ford
See his Kickstarter Page


Sprout Pencil

Sprout: a pencil with a seed, by democratech
See their Kickstarter Page


RXMade Shelves

Upcycled Shelves by RX Made
See their Kickstarter Page


House Lamp by Lauren Daley

House Lamp by Lauren Daley
See her Kickstarter Page


If you've never been to Kickstarter before, I highly recommend a visit. You'll find all kinds of creative people who have creative ideas and just need that initial helping hand to get them going. Investing in a project on Kickstarter is a great way to be involved in the success of another, and you can invest at the level that's comfortable for you - often as little as $5 or $10. Check it out. See what's brewing out there. Hopefully, if we all help each other out, 2013 will be a successful year for many.