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If you’ve been considering an order of Huston & Company furniture for your home, now’s the time. Place your order by May 30th and for every $1,000 you spend, we’ll send a $100 gift certificate to the library of your choice.

What can we build for you?

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Free Shipping and Installation on all Library Furniture Orders up to $35,000*

At Huston & Company, we love libraries. We believe libraries are essential to the wellness of our communities. We believe time spent in libraries is fortifying and restorative. By building fine custom furniture for libraries throughout the country, we hope to enhance the environments where people learn, contemplate, teach and explore.

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Working with Huston & Company

“We truly enjoyed working with Huston & Company on this project from concept to completion. Our special requirements were addressed with careful understanding and thoughtful suggestions for improvement. When conflicts arose between design and function, you never failed to create a solution without compromising the aesthetic or purpose we hoped to achieve.” Mike & Pat Marshall, clients.

One of the great pleasures of our work comes from helping communities and businesses create environments where they can educate, explore, come together and move forward. The relationships we develop with our clients, with the members of each project team, are fundamental to the process of building custom furniture. We will work with you and your team directly throughout your project, from beginning to end, to ensure that your experience with Huston & Company is simple, straightforward and rewarding. We will be here at every stage to answer questions, listen to ideas and concerns and give updates.

The best way to begin a dialogue about custom furniture for your academic institution, library or office is to contact us directly (via email or telephone, or by visiting the Huston & Company showroom). Below is some general information that may be helpful to explore.

Our Guarantee
Hands on Delivery & Installation
Custom Furniture Construction
Payment Terms

Proprietary Documents


Huston & Company warrants its academic, library, corporate and institutional furniture to be in conformance with the highest standards of workmanship and material. The original purchaser is protected against defects in workmanship for a period of five years from the date of installation. In the event of any defect directly attributed to Huston & Company’s manufacturing process, Huston & Company will either replace or repair the product free of charge, excluding any applicable shipping and handling charges. In no event will liability exceed the original purchase price of the product. Our guarantee does not cover added electronic components (microphones, lighting elements, dataport hardware, etc), or alternate materials such as slate, granite, Paperstone, glass or metal, etc. Due to the rigorous use of library, academic and institutional furnishings, our guarantee does not cover our finish. We are happy to provide re-finishing services if needed, at a reasonable cost.

Beyond the warranted period, we stand behind our products. If at any time you have a question regarding your furniture or its finish, we welcome you to contact us. We will continue to provide any necessary services within our capability at a reasonable cost.

Delivery & Installation

We strive to provide the best delivery and installation service possible to all of our customers. Huston & Company furniture is delivered blanket wrapped and installed, whenever possible, either by our own employees or a team of professional carriers that we know and trust. We look at the needs of each project individually to arrange for the best possible service.

Furniture Construction

Huston & Company furniture is built by hand, one piece at a time. Each piece is designed for a specific customer’s needs with great attention to detail and functionality. We strive to use the highest quality materials and building techniques that will provide the greatest longevity. At Huston & Company, we fully expect our furniture to last for generations.

Payment Terms

For academic, library, institutional and corporate orders under $30,000, we require a 50% deposit at the time of order, with the balance due prior to delivery. For larger orders, a 35-35-25-5 payment arrangement is required: 35% due at the time of order, a progress payment of 35%, 25% due when the furniture is completed in our workshop, and the final 5% balance due upon delivery. If your institution’s payment policies cannot accommodate the above terms, please contact us to negotiate a set of terms for your particular project.

Proprietary Documents

All furniture images and shop drawings provided by Huston & Company are proprietary to Huston & Company and shall not be sold, copied or distributed without our permission.